Rejas, suspiros y llaves. A penal abolitionist documentary

Rejas, suspiros y llaves. A penal abolitionist documentary


The jail has failed. Unresolved conflicts or any favors to those directly involved in the social conflict that motivates its implementation mode. Segregates, excludes, multiply inequalities and increasing violence.

Contemporary result of medieval practices, prison bars only serve to legitimize torture. Prisons are state terrorism in a democracy. Pending a historical account for a civilized society intended, modern, educated.
A public defender, an activist lawyer, a social communicator, a journalist, an anthropologist, a judge and two people who were once deprived of their liberty, adhere to the above with conviction and aim, without more, do something concrete for things are diametrically different.

Each one from his place imagine the imminent arrival of a paradigm shift. Advocate a radical transformation. They are neither more nor less than the penal system abolitionists.

They are not naive, are not romantic, are not utopian. The change for them is entirely possible.