Impacts of prison policies in a global context. Experiences of resistance and discussions on abolitionism from Latin America

The Organizing Committee of the ICOPA-16 sends greetings to all those who from afar follow the steps from the ICOPA. This document  inaugurates the meeting, which will take place on 16, 17 and 18 June 2016 in Quito, Ecuador,  with the collaboration of, among others, the Andean Human Rights Program at the University Simón Bolívar and the Committee of  Family and friends of people in prison in Ecuador.

The situation of people in prison in Ecuador and those that accompany from the outside is now at a critical stage  because there are  reforms in the carceral system directed towards implementing a high security model, with the construction of prisons on the outskirts of cities and based on higher levels of secrecy. We hope that this meeting achieves a change for the anti-carceral fight in Ecuador, because through it we want to achieve the union of  organizations that fight against state riot gear and for the rights of people in prison, and those who provide  the social support , the majority of whom are empoverished  women.

As in previous meetings, the ICOPA-16 will focus on the consequences, in the global context,  generated by  prison and penal policies, the impacts of the implementation of these policies on the population linked directly to prisons (people in prisons, relatives, adults and children, communities of belonging), on the experiences of struggle, resistance and abolitionism discussions that are taking place and can be promoted from Latin America.

Therefore, we invite all those interested in participating with papers; activities; contributing stories and reflections of life experiences relating to criminal / prison system; organizational experiences that develop  the field of anti-prison struggle, anti-repressive, anti-racist and anti-patriarchal systems; works visual, writing, theatre or any other artistic creations would be also accepted. There will also be rooms for workshops and any kind of activity that falls within the theme of the meeting.

Proposals may be proposed in any language, but at the meeting, as we don’t have other possibility right now, the only languages that could be translate is Spanish or English. The text should have an extension of a short paragraph, or in another support (pictures/sound recording), something that make sense for us to understand your project. And for those who cannot join us in Quito, we strongly encourage participation through texts or recording that will be shared during the conference.

Registration of participants and proposals must be done on our website ( in the “REGISTRATION” menu depending on the type of participation: registration of participants or registration of proposals. Registration for proposals is possible until 18th April 2016, registration from other participants will be held from until 31 May 2016.

If you preffer, you can send proposals and do registration writting to:

Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Sede Ecuador
Toledo N22-80 (Plaza Brasilia)
Apdo. Postal : 17-12569
Quito (Ecuador)

You are welcome to contact us also if you have any question or suggestion.

Kind regards from the Organizing Committee ICOPA – 16